Admissions Criteria

Admission Criteria

So that your child can enjoy the full benefit of their pre-primary education, you are advised to keep him or her enrolled in kindergarten for the full two years of the programme.  Within ESF, the PYP curriculum extends from kindergarten into primary and students planning to continue their education in ESF will have the advantage of continuity in their learning as they transition from kindergarten, preparing them socially and educationally for life in Year 1 in an ESF primary school.  A certificate of completion will be issued to students who graduate from an ESF kindergarten at the end of K2.

Children admitted to the kindergarten should be able to engage with an English medium, inquiry-based curriculum. We encourage parental support for children in the educational programmes offered by the kindergarten.

Priority is given to:

  • Children of full-time staff or staff at ESF or ESL who have been employed by the Foundation for over a year.
  • Siblings of students already attending an ESF school or ESF Private Independent School, siblings of students already attending an ESF International Kindergarten, or siblings of former ESF International Kindergarten students who attended for at least a year.
  • Children of former students who have attended an ESF school or ESF Private Independent School, for a minimum of three years or are former ESF students returning from a period overseas.
  • Other applicants who can benefit from an English-medium education.
Online Application

Welcome to the ESF International Kindergarten Online Application System.

It is important you read the instructions first before you start.

When applying to an ESF International Kindergarten, parents are requested to advise the kindergarten whether their child has any developmental, educational and/or medical needs.

1. Central K1 Applications for 2017/18 Academic Year

(Please note: K1 applications for 2018/19 will be 1-30 September 2017)

Application Period: 1-31 October 2016. Online Applications open on 1 October 2016 and not earlier. Applications received after 31 October 2016 are considered late and are placed on the waitlist according to category and date received. Please refer to the Admissions page on the website for application procedures. Children born in 2014 may apply for admission to the academic year 2017-2018.

  • For ESF International Kindergarten Hillside, K1 for 2017CLICK HERE
  • For ESF International Kindergarten, Tsing Yi, K1 for 2017 – CLICK HERE
  • For ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, K1 for 2017 – CLICK HERE
  • For ESF International Kindergarten, Tung Chung K1 for 2017 – CLICK HERE
  • For ESF International Kindergarten,Wu Kai Sha, K1 for 2017 – CLICK HERE

2. General Kindergarten Applications for 2016-17

Please ensure that you have applied for the appropriate academic year. The HK$500 application fee will NOT be refunded if you apply for the 2017-2018 academic year before Central Applications open on 1 October 2016.

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