14 May 2019

Abacus Newsletter 13th May 2019

Abacus Kindergarten’s latest newsletter available to read now. Find out the latest news from around the school and upcoming events.

Coming Week Dates

Week Beginning – Monday 13th May

Monday School Closed
Tuesday K2 Story Sharing Day
Next Week

Week Beginning – Monday 20th May

Tuesday School Tour
Important Dates This Term

Tuesday 14th May –  Story Sharing Day (Not for Parents)
Thursday 6th June –  Staff Training – School Closed
Friday 7th June –  Public Holiday
Friday 21st June –  Story Exhibition Day (Parents Invited)
Wednesday 26th June –  Splash Day (Children only)
Thursday 27th June –  K2 Graduation (K2 Parents Invited) and Last Day of Term 3
Friday 28th June –  Staff Meeting (School Closed)

Although we are not governed by the statutory holidays for schools, we follow the ESF schools calendar. During every year we have 5 teacher training days built into the calendar. This is in addition to the contact days with children. These CPD days are added onto our calendar not removed from the contact days with children.

Please find the school calendar for Abacus Calendar for 2018-2019  here. We also now have the Abacus Calendar for 2019-2020 available here.

K1 Art Exhibition

The K1 art exhibition is one of our favourite days of the year at Abacus. We hope you enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful art work the K1 children had created during their ‘How We Express Ourselves Unit’.

We have created a video to celebrate their beautiful work which can be seen here.

You can also view our photographs here.

K1 and K2 Leavers

If you know your child will be leaving at the end of K1 we would be very grateful if you would let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the K2 place to another family. You will need to give 2 months notice in order to receive your debenture back. The school billing team will refund your debenture into your school billing account within 30 days of your child’s last day at school provided you have given two months written notice.

If you are leaving at the end of K2 you do not need to notify us. The office staff kept all of your debenture certificates in the office unless you came to pick yours up. At the end of the term the school billing team will refund your debenture into your school billing account within 30 days of your child’s last day at school.


The library has finally been restored following the typhoon and is open for borrowing again.  However we have not finalised the furniture yet and are exploring various options for this, so please bear with us as we decide what will work best for displaying our books and making them accessible for the children.


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Moodle – Your child’s portfolio and reports, class news, school news and photos.
Gateway – Change personal details, sign up for events and book parent consultations on Gateway.
The School Calendar – All important dates can be found here for next year.

Class Pages

K1 English Class
Olivia Kane, Michelle Chan and Sue Tyson/ Penny Loveridge
K1 Bilingual Class
Hannah Smith, Allison Fung and Maria Lee
K2 English Class
Olivia Kotyck, Anita Jims and Jackie Henderson
K2 Bilingual Class
Danielle Evans, Susanne Liu and Bridgette Walker