24 Jun 2019

Abacus Newsletter 24th June 2019

Abacus Kindergarten’s latest newsletter available to read now. Find out the latest news from around the school and upcoming events.

Coming Week Dates

Week Beginning – Monday 27th June

Wednesday Splash Day
Thursday K2 GraduationParty Day

Last Day of Term

Friday Staff Meeting – No School for Students

Important Dates This Term

Wednesday 26th June –  Splash Day (Children only)
Thursday 27th June –  K2 Graduation (K2 Parents Invited) and Last Day of Term 3
Friday 28th June –  Staff Meeting (School Closed)

Although we are not governed by the statutory holidays for schools, we follow the ESF schools calendar. During every year we have 5 teacher training days built into the calendar. This is in addition to the contact days with children. These CPD days are added onto our calendar not removed from the contact days with children.

Abacus Calendar for 2019-2020 is available here.

End of Term

This is our last newsletter of the year. We hope you all have a very restful holiday and enjoy time with your families. It is also time to say goodbye to our K1 and K2 leavers, we will miss seeing you around school next year but wish you the best of luck in your new schools. We know you will all be fabulous !

To all of our K1’s we will see you next term and look forward to seeing you grow and learn again next year. We can’t wait to hear all of your summer stories. Don’t forget our new session times next year will be:

AM Session – 8.30am-11.30am

PM Session – 1pm-4pm

We are also sad to be saying goodbye to Catalina Abel who has been teaching K2 this term covering Danielle’s maternity leave. We wish Catalina the best of luck next term and we will be seeing her at Abacus for supply. Thank you Catalina.

Also Olivia Kotyck is leaving us to return to Primary school. Thank-you also Liv for all of your contributions to Abacus and we wish you luck at Canadian International School next year.

Story Sharing Exhibition

The K2 children had their story sharing day last Friday. They showed all the hard work they have done around stories during the term. We shared their puppet shows, drama shows as well as stories they had written.

The photos from the day can be found here.

Please also see a video of the exhibition here.

Spare School Uniform

If any of our leaving families would like to donate their old red and beige uniform to us, we would be very glad to receive it. We have very few spare clothes in school since we changed to the new uniform. We will not be accepting old blue uniform anymore. Thank-you

Class Teachers for Next Year

We have now decided the new class teachers for next year and most children have met their new teachers. Only Miss Suz was unable to join us as she is completing her duties at Discovery Bay International School. These are the classes for next year.

K1 English Class – Hannah Smith, Sue Tyson/Penny Loveridge and Michelle Chan

K1 Bilingual Class – Olivia Kane, Allison Fung and Maria Lee

K2 Bilingual Class – Zena Deal (Maternity cover) Danielle Evans, Susanne Liu and Anita Jims

Danielle is currently on maternity leave until December. Zena is joining us from Clearwater Bay School for the term to cover.

K2 English Am Class – Suzanne Carrigan, Bridgette Walker and Jackie Henderson

K2 English Pm Class – Fiona Hall, Bridgette Walker and Jackie Henderson


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Moodle – Your child’s portfolio and reports, class news, school news and photos.
Gateway – Change personal details, sign up for events and book parent consultations on Gateway.
The School Calendar – All important dates can be found here for next year.

Class Pages

K1 English Class
Olivia Kane, Michelle Chan and Sue Tyson/ Penny Loveridge
K1 Bilingual Class
Hannah Smith, Allison Fung and Maria Lee
K2 English Class
Olivia Kotyck, Anita Jims and Jackie Henderson
K2 Bilingual Class
Danielle Evans, Susanne Liu and Bridgette Walker